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10 Self-Care Tips for a Better You

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Self care has a huge effect on our mental health. It is important to always take time to care for yourself in order to fully nourish the mind, body and soul, but how do you get started? Here are 10 easy self-cafe tips to help you get in touch with your body's needs.

  1. Try waking up as soon as your first alarm turns on.
  • No more hitting the snooze button! Believe it or not it actually causes your sleep to be more disrupted, making you even more tired throughout the morning or even the rest of the day. Try setting your alarm at a time that is realistic for you to truly get out of bed. You will notice that you have a lot more energy to expend, which can help promote an overall positive mood.

  1. Take a leisure walk without a targeted goal.
  • A nice walk can have such a positive effect on your mental health. Being active in general can make you feel more confident and more productive, which helps satisfy the mind. These walks will allow you to clear your mind, leaving you stress and anxiety free. 

  1. Put your phone down when in the bedroom.
  • Studies show that excessive amounts of screen time can be linked to depression in women and men. Your bedroom is generally a place for tranquility and sleep. It is best to allow the bedroom to hold this position in your mind without it being infiltrated by distracting electronics. Giving your brain a break from these things encourages better sleep so that you always feel refreshed.

  1. Read something inspiring or joyful every morning.
  • With all of the craziness going on in the world it is easy to turn on the news and instantly have your energy disrupted with negative thoughts. Though it is important to stay informed, sometimes our minds just need a break from all the madness. When you first wake up try reaching for something positive to either read or listen to in order to promote a more optimistic attitude towards your day and life in general. 

  1. Reach for tea instead of coffee.
  • Herbal tea is known for detoxifying and hydrating the body. Taking the time to make a cup of tea and drink it creates a short period of rest and relief. Having a soothing drink can clear your mind and make you feel calmer. 

  1. Light some candles. 
  • Lighting a therapeutic candle can enhance feelings of calmness and well-being. They also reduce stress and anxiety. Different scents can even evoke different feelings depending on the person. For instance, lavender scents often make people feel tranquil and at peace, while citrus scents make people feel energized. Not only does the aroma of a candle soothe the mind, but the flickering low-light flame can help soothe our soul. The soft illumination puts us in a meditative state that reduces stress and promotes self awareness. 

  1. Take a nice warm bath.
  • Hot water helps the body feel completely relaxed, and because of this we are then better prepared for falling asleep at night. The body can be very tense after a long day. Once you enter a warm bath your body temperature increases, and the muscles relax. Relaxed muscles are not only physically soothing, but mentally soothing as well. Remember to add any of your favorite essential oils or bubble bath to the water for an even more relaxing experience. 

  1. Meditate. 
  • Meditation not only reduces blood pressure and anxiety, but it also helps us better understand and embrace our emotions. This allows for better control over our feelings that can sometimes be very scattered. When it comes to improving mental health self awareness is the key to positive energy and well-being. Meditation helps us do just that. If you have never meditated before try simple deep-breathing exercises first and then venture out from there.

  1. Put on a face mask.
  • Just as a face mask is beneficial for your skin, it is also beneficial for your welfare. It gives you the chance to just take a break from everything going on in your life and reward yourself by taking care of you. Make it a habit of doing a face mask either once or twice a week. Not only will your skin thank you for it, but your mind will be rejuvenated as well. 

  1. Get a massage. 
  • Massages are an effective treatment of muscle tension and stress both mentally and physically. They relieve stiffness, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and reduce anxiety and depression. Though you don't need to get a massage every day, treat yourself every once in a while for the ultimate form of relaxation.