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Our Story

"For I am my mother's daughter and the drums of Africa still beat in my heart."
-Mary McLeod Bethune

Our Vision

We exist as a safe and inclusive place for the collective to celebrate, connect, discover, experience, and honor the food, art, culture, music, and people of Africa and the African diaspora. The reason why is simple: to empower people to be passionate ambassadors for Africa and the African diaspora so that we change the narrative.

Our Values

A safe and compassionate space where you show up fully, as your real, true self.

A positive energy and force that fuels an authentic and joyful life, spreads kindness and unconditional love and lifts up people of African descent across the globe.

Embrace and understand our past, celebrate the possibilities of today and push forward to a better future.

Community Minded
Believe that when unique individuals with diverse life experiences and purposes are connected, we become a stronger, more powerful community.

Inspire all to have the courage, strength and confidence to live their truth and to break down the walls and barriers that separate us.

Our Founder

Evelia Davis
I have a passion for discovery and connecting with others and helping others live authentic, joyful and loving lives. My passion for Africa and the African diaspora started in undergraduate college while attending the University of California at Berkeley and taking African American Studies classes. The seed was planted to know and discover more about Africa's rich culture and history. My dream of traveling to Africa was fulfilled in 2012 when I traveled to South Africa and Zambia. The seed that was planted many years ago began to grow into the dream of the Diaspora Collective. The moment I set foot on African soil and the first person told me, “Welcome Home Sister”, there was a unbreakable connection to Africa that was realized. I returned to Africa in 2019 for the Year of the Return in Ghana with my family. I believe that Africa and the African diaspora is unique and should be celebrated and discovered by more people in the United States. I believe I am a descendent of African beauty, excellence, strength, perseverance and power. I believe that the narrative about Africa and the African diaspora can and will be changed by the Diaspora Collective.