Body Scrub  Kusudi (Purpose)

Body Scrub Kusudi (Purpose)

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Smells like a bouquet of fresh cut lavender - evokes peace and serenity . Hand crafted with a light but moisturizing blend of anti-oxidant and nutrient rich body and bath oils. Mixed with a blend of essential oils of lavender and honey. 

Live in your best skin by using our body scrubs! This exfoliant was created to use in the shower or bath for rejuvenating your skin. Your skin look  silkier and feel moisturized and well nourished. 

Before using the body scrub, be sure to cleans your body with our Purpose Body Wash for ultimately moisturized and soft skin. Take it a step even further by applying the Purpose Body Oil and or Body Butter so that your skin is smooth to the touch.

All natural ingredients. Cruelty Free.