Kusudi (Purpose) Self Care Ritual Gift Sets

Kusudi (Purpose) Self Care Ritual Gift Sets

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Gift giving is made so easy with our Self-Care Ritual Sets! Pamper that special someone you love or yourself with the calming aromas and a blend of essential oils. This gift set is available in 3 different scents: Joy, Love, and Purpose


Kusudi (Purpose) - Pamper yourself with the calming aroma of a lavender and honey essential oil blend.

Our Self Care Ritual Gift Set features a soothing bath bomb, relaxing candle (6oz), exfoliating sugar scrub, (4oz) nourishing shea butter soap bar (5oz), and moisturizing body oil (2oz).  

Self Care Ritual

1. Soak and relax in the tub with the bath bomb

2. Light candle and meditate. 

3. Exfoliate and release with the sugar scrub.

4. Breathe and clean with shea butter soap

4. Renew and moisturize with body oil

All-natural ingredients. Cruelty-Free.